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Ale Yard Business Practices


The Ale Yard Tap & Grill is located at 13310 137 Avenue NW, Edmonton, AB T5L 4Z6 in the complex known as Skyview Power Centre.


At the beginning of August 2013 Thane Sharp contacted me for the placement of a portable sign rental at their North Edmonton Location.

The sign was placed on a 3 month term to start and was renewed 2 more times for a total of 9 months.

Here is the final proofs for the first advertisements that went up in August of 2013.

Ale Yard Edmonton - S1 - V2aAle Yard - S2 - V2

In September 1 side of the sign was changed to the following,

Edmonton Ale Yard - V1

The sign was changed again in November.

Ale Yard - S1 - V2Ale Yard - S2 - V2

Thane appeared to be a professional in all conversations and dealings and promised he would look after the bill but never did.

With growing frustration we took down the sign as we did not want to have any further invest into city permits and not get paid for any more of those as well.

A great number of emails and calls were made to Thane Sharp in an attempt to get paid for our work but we had no response.  I stopped in twice to attempt to speak directly with Thane or one of the other owners to get this matter resolved and no one was ever there or I was being misled, I can not say for sure.

We decided to sue the Ale Yard in small claims court and filed the appropriate paperwork at the court house and we received default judgment against them for the amount we submitted to the courts.

Upon receiving the judgment and filling a writ of enforcement with the Court of Queens bench and Alberta registries we then filed paperwork that requires the Ale Yard to provide their bank account information to the courts for garnishee and Thane Sharp simply ignored this requirement that is set forth by the law courts.

Now this is where the story gets more interesting.

We then move to hire a bailiff to move to seize the assets of the company.  We found out that someone else has already sued the Ale Yard and has a judgment against them for approx. $150,000.

Upon further discussions with the bailiff we hired that the person that has sued the Ale Yard is Thane Sharps mother and hold a lean against the companies assets.  This writ of enforcement has been in place since 2013.

Now I am no lawyer but in my mind there is only 2 reasons that my own mother would sue me.

1 – I borrowed the money from her to start a business that is failing and wanted to ensure that she be repaid because the business was showing indications of not being successful.

2 – This is a plot on behalf of all parties involved to screw people out of being paid for work or services rendered by locking up all the companies assets in a law suit.  This put them in first position for a payout ahead of everyone else like us because the filed first and everyone else gets screwed.

Now since this other law suit has ben filed in 2013 and the Ale Yard is still running as of today indicates to me that the latter of the above is more likely to be true.  I find it hard to believe that a company having financial difficulty would be running for almost 2 years after the above mentioned law suit.

In writing this page and Googling the Ale Yard I ran into a Kijiji ad that shows that they are for sale.  I recommend caution to anyone looking to buy this business and think good and hard about the type of people they are when they do not pay their bills.

Here is a direct link to the Kijiji ad Ale Yard Edmonton

Please feel free to contact me at any time for any questions you may have at 780.340.7446.

Greg Pawlechko